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SuperChampz doesn’t end after Next Generation Learner. Our year-long programs make sure your children are able to stay on track throughout the entire school year. Available in both Junior and Senior Forum, this program is designed specifically for our graduates to go in depth into the SuperChampz curriculum. In this program, we place them in situations where they can reflect on themselves as well as other students through our G.R.E.A.T model of Excellence which allows them to practice highly successful junior and teen habits in their daily lives.

Our Next Generation Leader provides students with …

Our students in the Next Generation Leader goes home feeling challenged, empowered and motivated to live up to their full potential and to assume leadership roles in many areas of their lives.

The Next Generation Leader was created as the ultimate SuperChampz life skills program. It is a transformational program filled with junior and teens who love learning, love to challenge themselves, and are ready to embark on a journey of leadership.

Your children will be learning the 5 Keys of Excellence through our G.R.E.A.T model and are ready to share these values with the world. At SuperChampz Next Generation Leader we take the 5 Keys of Excellence to the next level by breaking them up into individual modules of excellence:


In schools and other motivational programs, teens are often asked to demonstrate leadership skills and qualities based on the assumption that they know what it means to be a leader. Here, At SuperChampz, we believe that we can’t just ask a teen to be a role model for their peers and loved ones without teaching them how to:

SuperChampz Next Generation Leader challenges students physically through our courses, mentally in the classroom, and emotionally as they learn to respect themselves and others while working in teams. We do our best at creating an atmosphere where students facilitate their own learning by setting goals through an experiential setting. By the end of the program students understand what their strengths are as a leader, the role they play in a team, and how to bring out the best in themselves as well as other people. They will discover and realize what is possible to accomplish with little to no resources aside from their brain and their willingness to take action and participate.