Our Programs

Next Generation Learner

The Next Generation Learner program is specially tailored for youths between the ages of 7 – 19. Our graduates learn strategies to build study skills, ease school stress, embrace leadership and increase exam results! The program prepares youths for success by teaching them on how to think critically in everything they do. Youths learn what is important to them, why they learn the way they do, and how to apply a variety of strategies to solve problems. This program focuses on academic, life and career skills. It is specifically designed and catered for youths as we dive deeper into areas that are essential for their success.

Whole Brain Learning Techniques

At SuperChampz, your child will learn a wide range of specialized strategies applicable in any learning situation by using techniques that balance the left and right sides of their brains. Knowing how to apply each one in the appropriate setting is just as important as learning the strategies themselves. Our goal is to give students the ability to dissect what will work best in each situation, and empower them to make a web of connections among the strategies taught.


Time Management

With various teachers, heavy homework loads and extracurricular activities, time management is one of the most important skills for youths to master. SuperChampz teaches students to take ownership of every precious minute of their hectic day.


Emotional and Relational Strategies

Our students learn communication strategies that build relationships, help them understand their own emotions and create sensitivity towards others’ feelings in order to resolve conflicts and take ownership of their actions. We instill in them a core value: each action comes a consequence. This allows them to choose which is right and which is wrong; therefore creating a positive pattern they can apply in their lives when they return home.



In 21st Century learning, communication is considered one of the most important skills for students to grasp. Our program motivates youths to communicate with teens from different areas, schools and backgrounds. Using our system for clear communication, students have the opportunity to step on a stage and speak to their peers, express their thoughts with our “think win – win” habit, and understand the best practices for interacting with parents, teachers, and friends.


Leadership Track

The program uses focused coaching on topics like what makes a good leader, allowing them opportunities to step out of their comfort zone. This provides them with real-life situations where they can display initiative and practice communication as well as critical thinking. Push them to practice their leadership style with other teens. Thus, getting feedback on where they’re doing well, where they can grow and most importantly, building their confidence and their abilities as a whole.