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It’s widely believed that by the time students graduate from school, they are ready to head on to college and succeed.

For both students and parents, a great deal of thought, time, energy and money is spent on getting into the right college or university. However, less attention is given to whether or not students are ready to succeed once they get there!

SuperChampz focuses on facilitating parents, lecturers, administrators and students with the right tools to survive college or university with outstanding academic results and essential soft skills needed to thrive as an undergraduate.

Ultimately, we create self-sustaining students who are serious about improving their results, who aren’t afraid of stepping up to challenges and taking responsibility for the choices they make.

About Us

Taylor's University Residents Lifecycle Experience Workshop Program

Are Your Teens Ready to Start Living on their Own?

Just because your teenager turns 18 doesn't mean they’re ready to move out of the house and live on his own. Unless they’ve been taught the life skills necessary to live in the real world, there's a good chance they’ll struggle to be independent.

Many first-year students face difficulties in:

The SuperChampz Residents Lifecycle Experience Workshop helps university students with: