Our Method

Studying is Boring!


…is the most common response we have received from over 87% of students who have come through our doors.

…and they’re not wrong.

Most of what’s taught in school requires students to use their Left Brain so much more than their Right Brain. This causes students to feel as if studying, homework and revision are “boring” and they would much rather play video games or go online.

Students at every level, from kindergarten to university, share the same difficulties: they lack discipline, important background knowledge and problem solving skills, challenges in following rules and instructions, managing time and staying focused on serious matters such as homework or revision.

Our goal is simple: We aim to create a safe and exciting environment full of intensive learning experiences coupled with orderly fun. Our students respond to challenges, enjoy expertly-designed learning games, and make amazing educational progress at the same time!

Students learn the most when they are having fun! Our training rooms are bursting with task-focused laughter. Humour and games are used to emphasize important information and practice basic skills. Our classes are highly disciplined and tightly organized because students have more fun following our rules than ignoring or breaking them.

Our method is designed to maximize student engagement. We focus on the way the brain is really designed to learn.

The SuperChampz System combines effective classroom management and academically proven techniques in encouraging students to actively participate in solving problems and completing tasks.

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